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Height: 5'4"
Contest Weight: 115-117 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 135-145 lbs
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Dark Blonde
Birth Date: January 20, 1976
Birth Place:
Stillwater, OK
Resides:  Dallas, TX

Sheron was introduced to the gym by a power-lifter friend when she was in her early 20's.  After several visits to the gym, a trainer friend who competed in bodybuilding convinced her that her genetics were good enough for competition.  With encouragement from other friends who worked out and competed, she trained and dieted for 8 weeks before her first competition and took 3rd at the Red River Show in Oklahoma in 1999.

After that she competed locally and worked on improving her physique for each one.  She qualified for Nationals in 2000, but knew she needed more time before she would be competitive at that level.  She did compete in the 2002 NPC Nationals and placed a respectable 10th, and continues to improve with each contest.

Besides continue to compete and improve at each contest, Sheron's goals are to continue to learn, and to help bring recognition to women's bodybuilding by displaying a feminine, strong, muscular, and balanced physique.


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