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Height: 5'7"
Contest Weight: 145 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 155-175 lbs.
Eyes: Blue 
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Date: April 17, 1964
Birth Place:
Scranton, PA
Resides: Pacific Palisades, CA 

The photo at right is one of the shots that helped bring her to stardom.  A California blonde with muscle and feminine curves, Raye developed her early competitive spirit by participating in such sports as softball, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and track & field.  

Raye came onto the scene in 1982 in her first contest, the Ms. Pennsylvania, and began to gain notoriety through bodybuilding, powerlifting & strength competitions, and involvement in the fitness industry.  She dabbled in powerlifting, entered strength shows like the Women's Extravaganza, which she won twice, and competed in George Snyder's 1994 Ms. Galaxy, placing third.

Raye says that becoming a Hollywood actress was never a goal, but the opportunity struck after she won the 1988 Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships.  Her first Hollywood movie was "Skin Deep" in 1988.  Since then she has made acting her career, posed for a 1996 celebrity pictorial in Playboy, and has been seen in a number of movies and tv shows, including the American Gladiators tv show, where she spent 6 years as "Zap".  Raye has also been developing and producing her own projects as well, and now keeps her bodyweight "toned" for Hollywood at 135 lbs year round.

Editor's Note:
It's interesting, but seems to be a truth to bodybuilders, competitive or otherwise... they seem to stay connected to the gym, the people, and the events in bodybuilding.  It's a connection of the soul, and where they seem to be most comfortable relating, regardless of age, status, or career path.  Even those who've made their way into Hollywood seem to remain "connected".  Arnold has, and Raye has.  You'll still see Raye in the Gold's Gym in Venice... staying in shape, and in touch with the Venice gym crowd... and she also attends many of the larger bodybuilding contests throughout the year, her busy schedule permitting.

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