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Height: 5'4"
Contest Weight: 155 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes:  Bright Green
Hair:  Dark Brown
Birth Date:  July 31, 1972
Birth Place:
Resides:  Los Angeles, CA

Her own words, from her website bio, reprinted with permission.
I was born in the City of Oulu in Northern Finland 31st July 1972. Oulu is very nice city with a population of 100.000. I am now living in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. To my family belongs father, mother and little sister. My horoscope sign is Leo. I am just like they say a lioness. I’m very temperamental. I flare up easily, but calm down quickly. My friends says that I’m always helping others, so I guess that’s true.

I have always been very musical and gifted in sports. My mum took me to the ballet, when I was around five years old. After that I did all kind of sports like basketball, volleyball, ice skating...

A little bit of my musical background: I have inherited my musical gifts from my father's side. I sang in a choir for many years and played different instruments like piano and flute. Sports, English and music were my favourites in school. I was a sprinter for many years. But I had to stop because my legs had to be operated.

Then I started to think what to do. I went to the local gym and boom... I knew I want to start lifting weights! I was about 16 years old. I took the first years of my training very lightly. At the age of 18 years I started to train seriously. I have been training seriously for about 10 years now. My physique has improved greatly after I met my fiancé. He is my trainer and nutrition specialist. He is also planning my diets, and he’s good in his job!

When I have some free time I love to be at home. We have our own sauna, so I use that a lot! Some of my fans named me the "Sauna Queen". I like going out, have some fun once in awhile. We have here in Helsinki pretty good nightclubs, and I love to dance!! I have lots of friends and I spend as much time as I can with them. If I can't see them, I call ... I love techno music. Scooter is one of my favourites. I can’t even train without my walkman and techno! One of my passions is sports cars! I love speed, so we have a car which goes… I have grown surrounded by cars since my dad owns two transport companies. I like watching videos and movies. Here are few of my favourites: Lethal Weapon, Armageddon, All Arnold's movies but I think that good comedies are the best. Good food…When I eat good food it's like garlic potatoes and good fat steak. And from the desserts Ice-cream is my weakness. My favourite drinks are Pepsi Max (or in the States Pepsi One) and water, but when I go out I like drinking tequila... I don’t have time for any other hobbies, but when I have time I go walking out. We have very nice grounds in my neighbourhood.

I'm quite "colourful" person so I like different colours. Bright ones like red, yellow, pink. Also black, white and brown are my favourites. I love flowers, especially red roses. On my free time I spend lot of time answering to my fans. I try to answer all of you guys, but sometimes it might take awhile get you back. I would really want to have two kids someday. I love children! Every time I see a baby, I start feeling " I want to have it too", but not yet. So I guess this is it for now! Don't be shy to ask anything you would like to know about me!


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