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Height: 5'3"
Contest Weight: 132 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes:  Hazel
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Date: January 28, 1957
Birth Place:
Monterey, CA
Resides:  Monterey, CA

Michelle has been a sports enthusiast and athlete since she was young, playing sports in high school and college (tennis, volleyball, softball, and field hockey).  She earned a B.A. in Physical Education in college, and took up bodybuilding after seeing Cory Everson on television.  She's dabbled in powerlifting competion twice, and lifting close to 1000 lb totals.

She has competed regularly and placed consistently in the top 5 on the national level since 1986, with her best year being at the 1999 Nationals where she placed 2nd.  At the 2000 Nationals Michelle just missed the cutoff weight for middleweights and had to compete in the heavyweights, where she placed 6th... a respectable placing... however, she feels it was a missed opportunity to turn pro at that contest.

Michelle continues to compete and place well, and will continue to do so because she enjoys the process of improving and getting into peak condition each year.  She is a well known and respected veteran, and as such, she helps new bodybuilders to prepare for competition.

Editor's Note:  My impression of Michelle being sweet, sexy, playful, intelligent, and fun-loving, comes from spending a morning photographing her at the 2003 USA's.

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