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Height: 5'4"
Contest Weight: 130 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 135-140 lbs
Eyes:  Green/ Blue
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Date:  
Birth Place:
Thunder Bay, Canada
Resides:  Los Angeles, CA
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Melissa is an IFBB professional bodybuilder who's competed professionally since 1995 and has been amongst the elite top 10 in the world, as well as being one of the most publicized professional bodybuilders since she turned pro.  The following is a bio from Melissa's website... 

Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, I now reside in Los Angeles, the center of the health and fitness business. The major health magazines for which I work are centered out of the Los Angeles area, and of course the health and fitness lifestyle is epitomized in California. You know, the hard, toned, tan bodies, blonde sun streaked hair, healthy sweat running down sinewy arms and legs - that's me. And for this, California is where it is definitely at. I am getting an itch to get involved in the entertainment biz, and have undertaken some wrestling training as a means to this end.

I started bodybuilding when I was 15 years old, and had actually been playing around with weights since I was 11 years old or so. I had an interest in becoming a pro tennis player, and at the time Martina Navratilova was the No 1 player in the world. I admired her muscular build, and started to lift weights in order to be a more powerful tennis player.   I had some good success as a junior, winning the Mid Canada Junior Girls title in 1985, and being the finalist the year before. I did a variety of sports - always the tomboy I played football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, and of course tennis was my first love. I eventually quit the other sports in order to focus on what became my main driving passion - bodybuilding.  It originated as powerlifting (I had an excellent bench press 250 lbs at 130 lbs bodyweight) and progressed into competitive bodybuilding. I was as surprised as anyone when I became a champion at this!

In my spare time, which is not very much, I like to let my hair down, figuratively speaking, and go out and socialize. I am involved in a very stressful and difficult business, so I like to get away from the everyday stress, go to a movie or a nightclub and have a good time!  I have been educating myself business-wise the past year as well.  

I feel pro wrestling may be a new challenge for me to keep my muscular build but also provide a great outlet for my athleticism and strong spirit. I am always looking for new challenges to keep my drive alive, and the combination of pairing the rigorous diet and training of bodybuilding with the skill, athleticism and drama of pro wrestling is certainly the biggest challenge I have ever attempted. I am a very goal oriented person and feel this next step in my career may be the right one for me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The entertainment business in general nowadays seems far more favorable to celebrating the strong, intelligent, independent, and often BUILT woman. So many shows are featuring woman heroines such as Witchblade and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and also movies such as TombRaider. There are wonderful opportunities now for powerful women to get great universal respect in the mainstream world. Woman bodybuilders will have great credibility in these roles as well - it takes such strength of character, mind, spirit and body to undertake bodybuilding as a woman - it can often be met with a lot of resistance from the general public. Nowadays that is all changing! It is time to ride the wave!

I have been the covergirl on 10 of these, and the centerfold for 5. I have also enjoyed being in swimsuit calendars, videos, and lingerie shoots, and done ads for clothing and weightroom equipment. I have done some movie and TV work as well.

As well as being a top ranked championship bodybuilder, I am also a successful fitness model. I now have 2 sites geared towards these 2 different aspects of my life - my site is to celebrate Melissa Coates as the Hardcore Professional Bodybuilder, and my new site (please check it out!) represents Melissa Coates, the Fitness Model. Both of these sites were put together with much love for you, the fans. I more than anyone know that without your support I would not be who I am today! Thank you so much!!!

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