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Height: 5'9"
Contest Weight: 160 lbs.
Off-Season Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Place: Sweden
Resides:  Helsingborg, Sweden

Marika was raised in a tiny town South of Sweden.  She began training with weights at a young age, and did so by learning on her own, through trial and error.  Marika says she loves training and sculpting her body, and that her poor self-confidence has been replaced by a strong mind and body as a result of bodybuilding.

Prior to bodybuilding, Marika competed in equestrian show jumping.  She still enjoys jumping on horseback and riding through the forest, though her life is centered around raising her son and competing in bodybuilding.

Marika works as a physical therapist, does work with mental training, and is a trained masseuse.  She enjoys sports, the outdoors, adventure, and anything that makes her feel alive and young.  Her dream is to move to the US, but in the meantime, she visits often for photo and video work, along with various posing and other sessions.


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