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Height: 5'1"
Contest Weight: 127 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 138 lbs
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Red
Birth Date:  Dec 6, 1973
Birth Place: 
Montreal, Canada
Resides:  Montreal, Canada

At the age of 19 I started to lift weights.  I wasn’t too happy with my physique at the time because I had gained a bit of weight and desperately turned to bodybuilding to lose my weight and be fit.  At the time I didn’t think of looking all muscular and making it a career, I just wanted to lose some of the weight.  I started working out in my apartment, not at a gym facility.  I felt intimidated about being in a gym because I had no knowledge and no clue about what to do. I had never used weights before.   I bought tons of free weights and also spent a lot of money buying equipment.  

It's my boyfriend at the time who introduced me to bodybuilding.  He was already into this sport so I told him how badly I needed to change my physique, and he helped me out tremendously. We trained together from then on.  I am now trying to gain more mass.  I want to add a lot more muscle, but this does take time and dedication.  I am also a part time personal trainer, and I work most days on my own website.  I am seriously thinking about competing next year, but I need to improve my over all physique and feel comfortable with myself.  I do diet down for photo shoots and videos.  I look forward to becoming the biggest muscular goddess I can be.

Hobbies and Things I like:

I can say my hobbie is working out.  I enjoy it so very much.  I cannot tell you how empty my life would be without it.  I do like meeting new and different people from all over the world.  I am a very quiet girl and do spend a lot of time alone at home or traveling about doing sessions, but I also like being in great company and just hanging out and relaxing over dinner and movie.  And last, I love to cook!  I like cooking from Italian meals to sushi and to low fat exotic dishes.  I also make my very own low fat protein bars from scratch.


My training regimen is to do between 4-6 reps per exercise.  I do 3-4 exercises per muscle group and 3-4 sets on every single exercise.  Heavier weights equal bigger muscles!  I rely on basic movements for my training, like squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc…  Plus I always train to failure.  I believe in this method for bigger muscles and plus I don’t do any cardiovascular training in the off season.  I think I used to do too much cardio in the past and noticed I lost quite a bit of muscle, so now I ease up on it and I will see what happens.


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