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Height: 5'2"
Contest Weight: 120 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue/Green 
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Date: January 11, 1974
Birth Place:
Placentia, CA
Resides: Redondo Beach, CA

Kim is a died in the wool Southern California girl who grew up in Orange county, was naturally athletic and a tomboy, but became quite "plump" when she hit adolescence.  She maintained an active lifestyle and exercised into adulthood, but diet seemed to be her pesky Achilles heal.

As a young adult, Kim changed her focus to moderation in action and expectation with regard to her health and fitness efforts, and she began to see slow and steady progress that she hadn't seen before.  Then she decided to hire a trainer.  She trained with Joanne Lee at Gold's Venice for a number of months, and then with Dianne Solomons at Gold's in Redondo Beach, which she continues presently.

It was when Kim decided to do a Figure competition in 2002 as a means of motivation that her progress took another quantum jump, along with her attitude and drive.  All the effort led her to a sleeker-than-ever and totally transformed Kim Chambers, photo shoots with Flex Magazine, and while she attained respectable but modest placings at her first competitions, a life long goal having been achieved.

Her latest training strategy has been adding "Boot Camp" classes, and an advanced athletic training regimen with a group of athletes... pros, amateurs, college, and enthusiasts... from the Ultimate Transformations Training group.  Kim says she's really proven something to herself by pushing past her previous "limits", and that it seems to be taking her to the next level of development.  What does the future hold for Kim in the fitness arena?  Only time will tell...  

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