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Height: 5'2"
Contest Weight: 128 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 140's lbs
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Date: 1977
Birth Place:
London, England
Resides:  Fort Lauderdale, FL

I began lifting weights at the age of 15, I came from an ill childhood of chronic asthma and though back then dreamed I could do athletics my body and spirit had other plans.

I tried running and couldn't make it round a track without an asthma attack and so past time into my early teenage years.

At 14 years of age, I came across a BB Magazine belonging to a college student who was staying with my family, of what I can remember back then I fell in love with the way these women looked. Nobody in particular but what I was seeing (1991 - 1992) it just seemed right. The second factor was that of my health, I needed a sport/exercise that I could do with my asthma. It took 3 months of courage and finally broke my stance (this stubbornness and drive is me) I went to the gym and I'll always remember what I said .. at 107 lbs., straight up and down in shape, I said to the gym owners wife "I want to build muscle" to a reply of " now you leave that to the men dear". But no, her husband game me a 3 split routine a week and for 2 years I did that and gained 91 lbs.. With eating only 3 meals a day/no supplements. By 17 I had a burning desire so strong to be what I wanted to be and I knew what I was to do with my life. It's hard to explain, I now see it as something I was meant to do and be, a bodybuilder first and then I wanted to compete. By 17 I began training and a bodybuilding lifestyle and my motivation came from within.

My goal was to be a Pro Bodybuilder and first step was to get my Pro Card, so from 17 to 20 I trained like a robot and made many sacrifices in the process. My goal was to win the British Championships. In 1997 at the age of 20 I made it to the British stage and a 3rd place finish in the finals of which my sister Nicola Thomas was the first lightweight in the history of British BB to win the overall title and Pro Card (now retired she never competed as a pro).

The following year 1998 I made another big change, left everything I knew and move to Manchester to train. I had come to realize where I was living, in a little town in Cornwall, was holding back my progress as an athlete. The move paid-off and with help I won the same title as my sister did the year before and so made more history. Also I was the youngest female to ever win a Pro Card in Britain (21 yrs. old).

So in 1998 at 21 years old in a big city knowing hardly anyone, I now have a pro status and I knew physically and mentally I had a long way to go. I made a decision to wait until I had a physique that was going to be competitive enough .. 3 years!

In 2001 I tried getting ready for the Jan Tana and won .. now at this stage I found it amusing as I just couldn't believe it. Now I have an invite to the Ms. Olympia!

So the story continues, my friend Steve Wennerstrom kindly offered me the change to get ready for the 'O' in San Diego as in the UK I was finding it difficult to prepare, and so I was given a chance! I did the 'O' in October and for prejudging didn't quite make the finish I'd wanted and looked better I felt in the evening show. A massive contribution of factors contributed to this outcome. Some personal to me and some I had no control over. I was so pleased to have finally reached this goal but due to me being so anxious, it wasn't the experience I'd hoped for. Now only 2 weeks on writing this I have learned a lot and know I have gained a lot of experience from the show. This has changed my outlook for the future and now I have a clear prospective on what I want from it. My future plans are to get myself a secure base first .. to be happy and settled, then I can train and progress as needed for the future .. as I am getting older is to get a balance from my life in all aspects. This is where as a bodybuilder, my progression starts. I'm at this moment sorting a move to Florida to work for a friends company 'Unique Physique' personal training and to do a website. When I feel my physique has improved and when I'm happy .. I will then compete. I have no set shows as yet (late 2002/early 2003).

Comp History:

1997-EFBB Northeast Qualifier (Middleweight 52-57 kgs) 1st
1997-EFBB British Championships (Lightweight 52 and under) 3rd
1998-EFBB Northwest (Lightweight 52 and under) 1st
2001-JanTana Classic August - Lightweight Champion / qualified Ms. 'O'
2001-Ms. Olympia - 10th place.

Hobbies - Likes:

I haven't had enough time to take up other hobbies recently, but have future plans on in Florida. I'd like to try some new things and see what it is I enjoy. I like basic thing in life, many of which are free. Dining, seeing friends, walks. cinema, t.v., music, computers and relaxing. I also like parties but am not a clubber .. I can take it or leave it. I like company but also enjoy being alone. I enjoy meeting people, especially interesting people, different ideas and lifestyles. 


This is a hard one, for years I followed routines but the past few years I have relied on instinctive training. As there is no set exercise, order, sets, reps or weight. I listen to how my body feels on each particular day. I have a set bodyparts I'll train on a given day but the rest is different each time. I've now started to try this approach with my diet. Instead of clockwatching or doing for doing sake, sometimes I crave certain nutrition, i.e. fats, etc. However saying that, I do consume the adequate protein from various sources that I need to grow, just vary more the cars/fats.



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