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Height: 5'5"
Contest Weight: 138 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 152 lbs.
Eyes: Blue 
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Date: July 19, 1978
Birth Place:
New Brunswick, NJ
Resides: East Brunswick, NJ 

Heather is a New Jersey girl thru and thru, born, raised, and still is.  She was an only child growing up, went to Catholic schools almost entirely, says she wasn't particularly athletic, though she did take part in cross-country during her Sophomore year in high school.  It was a boyfriend when she was 16 who introduced her to the weight room.

Heather took her interest to another level when she turned 18 and decided to really learn what it took to get in great shape... getting her personal training certification in the process.  She began entering bikini contests and fitness model searches,  winning and making money from them, she was a Budweiser girl and a Ring Card girl, and at age 20 did her first photo shoot for a bodybuilding magazine, along with becoming a spokes model for MPH, a nutrition supplement company.  

Heather's initial goal was fitness competitions, but when excelling at gymnastics began to look like too steep an uphill climb, Heather decided to step onto the bodybuilding stage.  Her first contest was in 2001; she won the middleweights and overall at the NPC NJ State Bodybuilding Championships.


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