Height: 169cm
Contest Weight: 66kg
Off-Season Weight: 77kg
Eyes:  Green/Blue
Hair:  Blonde
Birth Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Resides: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Eva Pogačnik says she loves being muscular and strong (a common trait amongst those in the iron game ;-).  She embraces her extreme competitive nature and strong will to win, though she seems to be very sincere, soulful, and grounded.  She began competing in '94, and won the Miss Slovenia in 1995.  She's continued to compete all over Europe in every year since... winning 1st thru 5th place in nearly every contest.

Her involvement in bodybuilding and fitness was directly influenced by her childhood participation in all kinds of activities, including cycling, snow-skiing, ju-jitsu, judo, and weight training, and more directly a result of her fifteen year elite-level career in ju-jitsu, snow-skiing, and weight lifting.

Eva studied Kinesiology at the University of Liubliana.  She is multi-lingual, speaking English, German, French, and Italian, in addition to her native Slovenian.  Eva is a personal trainer, and works with people in many aspects of health and well-being, including nutrition, and mental imagery and relaxation.

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