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Height: 5'2"
Contest Weight: 134 lbs.
Off-Season Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Brown 
Hair:  Brown
Birth Place: London, England
Resides: London, England 

Andrulla grew up in London, took up Judo at age 11 to help protect her brother from bullies on the streets, and got her black belt 5 years later.  Along the way she won countless competition trophies, and eventually earned a spot on the British Judo Team, continuing to compete... and continuing to win.

She began weight lifting as a way to supplement her Judo training.  Within six months she would step on stage to compete in her first bodybuilding contest and win.  Local competitions, the British Championship, and a World Games 1st place led her to the Ms. Olympia stage, where she has won the Ms. Olympia short class.

Andrulla is a fierce competitor, and strongly principled, believing that what she does, she does because she believes it to be best for her.  Instead of worrying about whether she conforms to any particular norm, she forges ahead, in bodybuilding, and without a doubt, in life.


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